The techniques used in the application of tattoos

As mentioned previously in this book, a tattoo is a decorative design that stays on your skin. This is usually done with the help of a tattoo gun these days as it makes the process faster and cheaper. The ink goes into your skin by needles puncturing the outer layer at great speed.

Tattoo artists have a variety of different guns to choose from and each one has different pros and cons connected with it. Some guns use a sharp needle while others use multiple needles. These guns with many needles are not generally used for work involving lines or complex patterns. Single needle guns offer the most control of complex work, but the needles need to be changed throughout the tattoo. It is vital that the needles are not reused again and again because it is this that causes the spread of infection.

Another tattoo technique is referred to as the jailhouse tattoo. This is a type of tattoo that is commonly found in jails and prisons where inmates create their own tattoo guns. These can be very crude; made up of normal ink pens, needles, and batteries. This type of tattoo should always be avoided as it just isn’t safe and commonly lead to infections. In this type of tattooing the skin is often ripped rather than punctured and the ink can go very deep into the skin. When the skins is jerked or ripped in this way it will lead to very unattractive looking tattoos, and if it goes too deep then there really is a high risk of infection. This deep ink is also not good to look at and this is why the jailhouse tattoo is best avoided like the plague.

When choosing any tattoo it is important to consider the colors to be used. The most popular colors used are black and white. If you want your tattoo to be considered attractive then it is good to have a good balance of colors that goes well with the overall shape. If you aim to have the lines of the tattoo to follow the contours on your body then this will make it look all the more impressive. This type of work is best left to the most experienced tattoo artist though.

A more technical way of considering tattoos is that they are a type of micro pigment transplantation; because of this they are considered a form of body modification. A tattoo is a permanent design of a symbol or picture which is intended to stay permanently under the skin. Tattoos are a type of body art that has been with us for thousands of years; although in the past they would use far cruder ways of applying the design using simple tools and involved a high degree of risk in regards to infection. Tattoos these days have come a long way, but this does not mean that the risk is completely done away; human failure is likely to mean that it will remain a risk for the foreseeable future.

Nowadays electric tattoo machines are the favored means of giving a tattoo. Here the ink is injected into the skin by a needles attached to a moving bar which punctures the skin very rapidly. This machine can cause the needles to enter the skin thousands of times every minute. If you have selected a skilled tattoo artist then the results they can get from this machine are truly amazing. This is why you should always look for a tattoo artist that knows what they are doing they will get the best results and provide you with a design that you can be proud to have on your body for years to come.