The Space Tattoo

The word space tattoos is a very general expression that covers the sky, stars and the spacecrafts floating above us. It is difficult to direct any symbolism if there is any. But the reason the people obtain these tattoos is simple. It is a fascination with the mysterious and beautiful world above our heads.

One of the most ordinary space tattoo themes is science fiction. Such pieces present aliens that looks fearsome lurking about Venus’ hot surface or the meteors going down towards Earth or even the astronauts to land on the moon’s surface. This theme takes on a feel with the spaceships, and the astronauts fighting spacemen with such ray guns and pin up models that ride rockets going to the sun.

There are many space tattoos that display the beauty of the planets. A good example is to form a small group of planet spiral or may be even shown in the act of revolving. Some of the people most especially those who are interested in astrology will select a particular planet for their piece. You may portray your selected planet in different ways. For instance, you may use the colors of the painting of science fiction. You may also utilize the portrayal in a realistic way that is taken out of a photograph or you may form a simple style of cartoon.

The stars present their big image in space tattoos. These are more realistic than the ordinary star tattoos and may display small light points on the skin of the tattoo wearer. There are many people who prefer in this specific style to form a blue or black background and at times with a sun somewhere in the background or with small cloud wisps, and then make an additional random splash of points that are lightly colored and usually with tiny flickers of lights enclosing them. This specific style is always utilized for the armbands. However you may also view them as chest plates or it is extending across the shoulders and the back. The constellations may also form an interesting piece. A small thread of dots with linking lines may be done to create the shape of each specific constellation. There are many people who prefer to form a more detailed image that portrays what the name of the constellation really means like a man holding a sword while bearing a shield for Orion or a dragon for Draco or a scale for Libra.

The meaning of space has always been a fascination for mankind. Depending on the reason this always was made into our art of today. Therefore, it is not at all amazing to learn that space tattoos have become our culture’s distinguishing part whether for textbook or sci-fi.