The Peace Sign Tattoo

The peace sign may be viewed anywhere from posters, to key chains, to t-shirts, to key chains. The symbol’s meaning has stretched out over a period of time to signify various things other than the original peace symbol. It also became a symbol for anti-war and indicates a relation with the hippie culture. With all the appreciation and the received acclaim, it may be said that the peace sign tattoos really became very well-known.

There are most peace sign tattoos presenting this symbol in its most basic form. It is always a black circle in its simplest form with a fork that is facing downward and is three pronged. But even if there are many people who prefer the simple design, they also prefer to create a bolder tattoo with more color. For example there are peace sign tattoos with simple color sparks all over the black body or with rainbow colors that are melting with a 3-D effect.

There are peace sign tattoos that are usually combined with other symbols. You may view a rose vine that is covered with prongs with bursting blossoms at different spots. You also have the peace sign that consists of vines or sprouting thorns that symbolizes a guarded peace. Another idea is to etch the sign on the tortoise shell’s back. The combination of the symbols does not only catch attention but is intended to portray the feeling of peace within a person’s own “shell”. Some of the other well-known symbols regularly combined with peace sign tattoos are the cannabis leaves, flames and hearts.

It is ordinary to see peace sign tattoos that are combined with other symbols. Another example is the peace sign combined with yin yang signs wherein the black and white are separated between the prongs and the two tiny circles is combined on either side. You may have the peace sign coming out from a tree or shooting like a star through space or the peace sign that is turned into a Latin cross. Another interesting idea is to make the peace sign’s middle thorn reach the top going to the bottom of the symbol. The other two thorns are extended into the wings and a circle is wrapping the whole image.

The peace sign tattoos are common as they are such familiar icons that survived through many generations already. It marks not just peace but also understanding, love and hope for the whole world.