The Leaf Tattoo

The leaf tattoos contain many meanings. But one meaning that is sure fit for this symbol is that the leaves are an emblem for life. They form oxygen and energy and are a source of food to many forms of life. They also protect the earth from such awkward elements. Depending on the type of leaf and the way you select to portray them, you may as well add this important connotation to your body art.

To start with, it is viable to know what the meaning of many leaves. There are many leaf tattoos featuring the ivy leaf itself as it is a symbol of growth and fidelity. There are still many other who utilize the maple leaves which is an independent spirit symbol, or the four leave clovers which is considered a luck talisman, and even at times marijuana leaves which is utilized generally to symbolize particular cultural ideals. You may put any leaf alone or maybe form a group of leaves. For instance, a round design may be created by making use of a birch, dogwood and mulberry leaves to symbolize grace, eternal life and wisdom.

Most of the leaf tattoos present many symbols. For example, you may view an oak leaf which is an emblem for liberty that is made to form an American flag or even a dove forming a nest of myrtle and elderberry leaves. All of these are considered to be love symbols. You may also make use of a more colorful leaf like the euphorbia dulcis or the Chameleon plant which are slender and long with a burgundy or bronze shade. You may also make use of the purple leaf sand cherry which has a dark purple shade. In whatever situation, you may surround the leaves that are boldly colored around other symbols or make them sprout from the flowers with a more passive shade.

At times you may view just leaf tattoos as presented as an armband or may be put one below each other on the body of the tattoo wearer. Even if you may utilize a number of leaves, you may use a koru which is the Maori name of a fern frond, a symbol of grace and new life. Such leaves came from a spiraling body with small greenish buds and a brown tint.

Even if there are countless meanings that go along with the leaf tattoos, you may be able to find out that it is a simple reminder of the beauty of nature.