The Cobra Tattoo

Generally, the cobra tattoos are intended to specify both the danger and the sensuality as the snakes and also the deadly varieties are the emblem of a temptation. But in the Eastern world, the cobras are regarded as a power symbol and their appearance at your door is considered to be a good sign. Cobras in the end will be converted into becoming divine beings.

There are more than 200 types of cobras and this is quite a number to select from the cobra tattoos. The king cobra is the most well-known body art and one of the longest poisonous snakes in the world. Such snakes may be done in dark brown natural shades and also fades into a light yellow shade. But there are many people who like to utilize a green tone with a bright color of yellow underbelly. The Naja kaouthia is another well-known cobra and comes in many colors. These are ordinarily done in a shade of bright yellow or dark black with a contrasting shade for the underbelly and such marking with oval shape at the hood’s back. For a more extraordinary idea you may form a leucistic monocle cobra or what is called the albino Naja Kaouthia. This appears as if it is made of pearls with design of diamonds on its back, maybe with sapphires and rubies as the eyes and a sprinkle of gold from the fangs or its tongue.

There are many people who like less realistic cobra tattoos. For instance, a person may form a heart that is shaped out of the face and hood of the cobra. The tail may be melded to become a shooting flame or maybe it is enfolded around an arm and looks like jewelry. One other motivating idea is to create the hooded head into the same appearance to a comet while the body may be made of smaller stars.

The cobra tattoos marked a popularity increase whether they are considered a fear or luck symbol. But you may select to portray them as it is sure that it will be able to attract lots of attention.

Take a Peek at Kat Von D Pics to Find Inspiration for Your Tattoo

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for you own tattoo, or just snooping around for shots of some of the most infamous tattoo artists, if you’re looking evocative images relevant to this incredible artiste then there are plenty of places online where you can find top quality Kat Von D pics.

The Different Kinds of Kat Von D Pics

Kat Von D is one busy lady, and the variety of images online demonstrates her capacity to comfortably manage any number of different projects. For each project she engages in, it seems there are plenty of Kat Von D pics that beautifully illustrate her passion and her work.

You will find different Kat Von D pics in different places, so before you spend hours and hours online searching with different keyword terms, stop and think about the kind of Kat Von D pics you’re actually looking for.

Kat Von D Pics Online

There are plenty of Kat Von D pics available on the internet.

  • The Kat Von D Website – The official Kat Von D website contains a collection of images of tattoos she has produced on other people. This portfolio of work includes a bulk of her infamous portraiture tats, that have helped her earn her reputation as an incredibly talented artist with a natural knack for creating a sense of realism with ink.
  • The High Voltage Tattoo Website – For more Kat Von D pics of the tattoos she has created for others, you can also visit the High Voltage Tattoo website. You can also submit your own request for an appointment at the infamous studio, although it is unlikely that Kat herself will be the one tattooing you.
  • Social Media – There are plenty of Kat Von D pics available on the social media profiles she utilizes. Hardcore fans will appreciate the Kat Von D pics available on her FaceBook page, as these are often snapshots of her tattoo journal entries. They make for great reading, and her delicate script handwriting demonstrates the artiste within. Her verified Twitter account, thekatvond, also includes regular tweets of links and Kat Von D pics.
  • Google – Of course, you can always rely on Google and other search engines to find Kat Von D pics. However, most of these images are celebrity snapshots, usually featuring the talented tattoo artist on a red carpet or an important show. While incredibly glamorous, these posed shots are a dime a dozen.

The best place to find images and details of the tattoos on Kat Von D’s body is in her book, ‘High Voltage Tattoo’.

Kat Von D Pics in High Voltage Tattoo

Kat’s debut book, ‘High Voltage Tattoo’ contains pages of detailed images and descriptions about her collection of personal tattoos.

This beautiful book, released in 2009, is by far one of the best sources to choose when looking for Kat Von D pics. ‘High Voltage Tattoo’ and the follow up book ‘The Tattoo Chronicles’ are both available from all good book stores and online suppliers.