The Buddha Tattoo

Buddha’s image or his other representations is always intended to convey an interest or faith in Buddhism. The Buddha is considered by many people as an enlightenment symbol and an emblem of the strength of character and will and even an inner peace we are all working for. Due to these reasons, Buddha tattoos became popular.

There are many people who like Buddha tattoos that present an appearance like a cartoon. These tattoos are very colorful and present the Buddha as laughing and dancing in a lively manner. Such style is done realistically and in bright colors. But some of the people display Buddha in soft purple or blue shades and at times in shining golden hue. It is just ordinary to view this style portraying a Buddha like a status that looks like it is alive. He is always done in shades of granite or gold and even has green stones for the eyes and enclosed by such elements like ocean, fire and rain.

There are many Buddha tattoos that present a meditative portrayal. This Buddha version has the tendency to have an expression that is more thoughtful and seems to be meditating. The legs are crossed, and the eyes are crossed and the Buddha may be enclosed in soft light shades. It has the tendency to become more colorful and may present gray shades or may be done in an outline form.

Some of the people like Buddha tattoos that present symbols instead of the figure like the Buddha footprint. This is said to be a blessing as it is a symbol of the Buddha presence. The soles of these prints present vital symbols of Buddhism and are much detailed. The leaves of the Bodhi tree with the shape of a heart and a pair of eyes with a line that is curled are a few good examples.

Even if these tattoos mean a lot, the artistic appeal cannot be forgotten. The Buddha tattoos are always beautiful in terms of cheerful appearance.