Tattoos on your tongue

All tattoos are rising in popularity, but the tongue tattoo seems to be the next big thing. Tongue tattoos are still not as popular as the more usual body tattoos they are gaining more fans by the day.

Tongue tattoos use normal designs and styles, but they are applied to the tongue which is really just a muscle. You can get a tattoo that only covers a portion of your tongue or you can have one cover the whole thing. It is normal for people to choose a certain color to cover their tongue; purple, orange, black, or any other color that takes your fancy. The most popular designs for the tongue tattoo include tribal designs, stars, or any shape that can fit on the area of the tongue. It has become popular to put stars on the tip of the tongue. The increasing popularity of the tongue tattoo means that more designs are becoming available.

The actual process of getting a tongue tattoo is similar to getting a tattoo in any other part of your body.  The tongue is just like the skin in that it will accept the pigment that is punctured into it by needles. Once the pigment of ink has been absorbed by the tongue then they will stay there forever. People who have had this type of tattoo claim that it is not very painful. People describe the experience as a ticklish or numb sensation; the tongue differs from the skin in that it is just muscle. The tattoo artist uses a special tool to keep the tongue sticking out.

If the idea of a tongue tattoo appeals to you then the first step you will want to take is to locate a competent tattoo artist in your vicinity who is good at this type of work. Not too many tattoo artists are yet familiar with this work as it is still only beginning in popularity.