Getting a tattoo? Ideas to Consider…

Tattoos are an increasingly popular trend and these days it seems that half the population either has one or is thinking about getting one. It makes sense, tattoos are not only a powerful way for individuals to express themselves, they are also an excellent vehicle for attracting attention, developing an aura of mystery or simply creating a conversation starter.

For the shy and quiet type who still wants to demonstrate their uniqueness, there are few options better than a tattoo.

Things to consider when getting a tattoo include decisions about size, shape, color and perhaps most importantly, location. This is especially true with young people who may not be thinking about the permanence of their tattoos and how it can affect their future jobs, if its visible with business attire.

One of the first things many people wonder is where to place their tattoo. Tattoos can be drawn anywhere on the body, though most people prefer to get them placed on an open area where they will get the most exposure (and therefore bring them the most attention). However, one must take into account corporate culture when choosing a tattoo. Will the job you have now or want to have in the future allow you to have visible tattoos?

What type of tattoo to get is another one of the most frequently pondered questions. Yes, tattoos can be wonderful pieces of art to decorate the body, but they can also be completely embarrassing and mar the empty canvas of your skin forever. Before you agree to do something that will last forever, you should really consider your many tattoo ideas and options. Will the tattoo go out of style? Yes, you might be a huge fan of a trendy band right now. However, given the life cycle of most music, getting that band’s name or symbol inked on your skin forever might come back to haunt you in 10 years when the band is an answer to a Trivial Pursuit question on fad music. Also, consider that while some tattoos with obscenities might be cool in your youth, they may be harder to explain to your children and grandchildren.

What do you expect from your tattoo? Are you trying to express particular ideas? If so, think about what it is you would like to express, why it has meaning to you and how you can best express it. If you are getting the tattoo to honor someone’s memory, think about those things that would have been meaningful to them and how you can best contribute to their remembrance.

Often, when someone decides to get a tattoo, ideas and opinions start to spring from everyone and everywhere. Don’t worry about what others are saying. Getting a tattoo is your decision. However, don’t be afraid to let everyone help you generate tattoo ideas. You never know where your best inspiration is going to come from.

Even more important than generating a substantial amount of quality tattoo ideas is finding the highest quality tattoo artist you can. Don’t be afraid to take the time needed to shop around and find the right artist. As with any trade, some tattoo artists will be more expensive than others, but the difference in price is something that is probably entirely worth it. A tattoo is forever, you certainly don’t want to sacrifice the quality of something that will stay with you for the rest of your life just to save a few dollars.

The most important thing to keep in mind when getting a tattoo is timing. It’s always best to take the time necessary for diligent research. Find the best tattoo design, the best tattoo artist and the best tattoo parlor possible. There is no need to rush into a decision this important. Ideas are important, but patience is even more so.