Safety Issues in regards to tattoo work

When you have any tattoo work done it involves needles puncturing the outer layer of your skin many times a minute. These needles then inject ink into the third layer of your skin where the tattoo will remain for years to come. Due to the fact that the procedure involves breaking the skin there are certain safety issues which must be considered if complications are not to arise.

A big fear that many people develop in regards to tattoo work is the risk of catching HIV. If you catch HIV then at some later there is a real risk of you developing AIDS; a condition that kills many people around the world. HIV is the most talked about, but there are also other pathogens that can enter your body due to tattoo work and these include; hepatitis, TB, staphylococcus, syphilis, and other communicable diseases. Unsafe hygiene practices, in regards to dealing with needles, are what will put you at risk of developing these problems.

Like many other things in life there are dangers associated with having a tattoo, but many of these can be either completely eliminated or the risk drastically reduced through safe practices. If the tattoo parlor that you choose strictly follows the standards and guidelines of the industry then the risk of you developing problems is very low.

Tattoo artist who are following the rules will sanitize all equipment after they have been used. The favored means of doing this is by putting all equipment through a steam producing autoclave which brings the equipment to a very high temperature and so killing and bugs. You may also see bleach and alcohol used but this will not completely sterilize and is only used to prepare the equipment. It is the time spent in the autoclave following the application of alcohol and bleach that actually sterilizes the equipment.

Any tattoo artist should be wearing gloves while they are working on your tattoo and these gloves should be of the disposable variety. Any cloths, such as ointment spreaders, should also be of the disposable type. The tattoo parlor itself should be spotless with care taken to sterilize every surface and crevice.

It is expected that the tattoo artist open a brand new set of needles for every customer. This needle will then go into a pigment solution which is taken from a disposable bottle. If the tattoo artist takes the ink from large bottle then there is a good chance that he has used this on someone else. This is risky and should always be avoided.

If you decide to get a tattoo then the utmost consideration should be your safety and no corners should be cut to save cost. Do not allow any tattoo artist to take a chance with your health and insist on only the highest attention to hygiene precautions. If the tattoo artist is not prepared to do this then you should go somewhere else. Don’t gamble with your health.