Reasons ‘for and against’ getting a tattoo

People with tattoos are now a common sight in most countries; so much so that seeing them on a person will rarely be the cause of much negative attention. The increasing popularity of tattoos means that they are now very much a fashion item and a source for admiration and envy. Tattoos are a way for people to express their individuality and some people cover their whole body in this type of art as a means of being unique.

As well as the many positive things that come with having a tattoo, there are also some negative aspects which need to be considered by anyone thinking about having such work done on their body. A tattoo is a method for self-expression and it can make you the source of admiration in a crowd. It can also be a way for you to send out a signal about yourself, and many examples of body art have an important meaning behind them for the wearer. Of course, there are those that just like a tattoo for its pure attractiveness, but there is always the risk that such a person will later regret the decision. It is actually better if the tattoo has some important meaning or memory behind it as you are less likely to regret it in later years.

When choosing a design don’t just pick something that has no real meaning or value for you, and be careful not to select one that has a meaning that you don’t agree with or find objectionable. These days it is possible to check and research designs prior to committing to having them permanently on your body; the internet is a great resource in this respect and should be your first port of call when considering a tattoo these days. You can also get similar information from books and so on.

The negative aspects of having a tattoo are usually well-known but worth considering again prior to committing yourself to any permanent body art. You must be aware of the risk of infection. A tattoo involves piercing your skin with a needle so this creates an entry point for opportunistic infections if sanitary conditions are not maintained. A good quality parlor will maintain good hygiene practices and so drastically reduce the opportunity for anything untoward occurring.

Another thing that you will want to consider is tattoo removal. A few years down the road you may decide that you no longer want your tattoo but feel stuck with it. Tattoo removal is now a possibility but it is an expensive procedure that involves either lasers or surgery that will likely leave a scar. There is of course a further risk of infection from surgery. You should also keep in mind that sometimes an infection occurs after your tattoo that becomes so bad that you will have to have it removed.

The decision to have a tattoo will always involve weighing up the positive outcomes against actual and potential negative consequences. Remember, you are more likely to appreciate a design that means something to you in years to come than something that just caught your eye on the day. Never go ahead with a tattoo if you have the slightest reservation; the long term effects of a badly chosen design from a shoddy tattoo artist could affect your life for years to come.