How to take care of a new tattoo

A competent tattoo artist will sterilize your tattoo with antiseptic cream as they go along. This is because experienced artists know that this will help your tattoo in a healthy condition. Once they are finished they will once again apply the cream and place a piece of sterile cloth or cellophane over the tattoo. The tattoo artist should then go on to explain to you the exact way you should care for your tattoo over the coming days. The better parlors will have information sheets and the artist will have time to go through this with you.

If you went to a tattoo artist that didn’t provide you with this information then you will likely be wondering as to how exactly you should care for your new tattoo. Looking after you new tattoo is not too difficult so long as you are aware of things you are allowed and not allowed to do.

If you notice that the area around your new tattoo seems to be exhibiting excessive swelling or redness then you should see a doctor right away to find out if your tattoo is infected. On most occasions when this happens the infection can be treated with antibiotics, but if it is severe then you may need to be admitted to hospital. In a really bad case you might need to have your tattoo removed completely and this will involve going to surgery and of course there will be risks associated with this.

When you first arrive home with your new tattoo you should not just start having showers and getting your tattoo wet. You must keep it dry for the first few days but always clean it every few hours. Make sure your hands are clean prior to going anywhere near your tattoo; clean hands are less likely to cause infection.

It is important for you to purchase a tube of A& D ointment; you will get this from your local drug store. This will keep your tattoo in good shape over the next few days and allow it to heal safely. Once you observe that he ointment is dry on the tattoo you should apply some more. Make sure that when applying the ointment that you don’t rub too hard as this could really interfere with the healing process. Don’t use soap on your tattoo during the first few days. After you are finished with the A&D ointment you can uses unscented body lotion; use the unscented variety because scented can irritate the skin. After a few more days you can stop using the lotion altogether.

Many tattoos can still have a bit of scab in some areas for a while after they have healed. You should avoid picking at this because you could damage the design. Leaving it alone is the best action to take here. If you wan you can apply A&D ointment if it is itchy.

A tattoo can bring a lot of joy to your life so long as you are able to take care of it for the first few weeks. This tattoo may well be with you for the rest of your life so taking care of it now will ensure that it stays attractive for many more years to come.