How to Choose the Best Tattoo Artist For You

Spending the necessary time to find the best tattoo artist, one who is artistic and most compatible with you, is an investment well worth making. Too many people decide on a passing whim (or drunken stupor) that they would like to get a tattoo without first finding an artist suited to bringing their permanent self-expression to life.

Some people get lucky and wind up with a terrific tattoo artist, but as we’ve all seen, many do not. Here are some tips on how to choose the best tattoo artist for you.

1) Do your homework. Treat your decision to get a tattoo as you would any other significant purchase in your life that would have a long lasting impact. Take the time to shop around and increase the likelihood that you will get the best result possible. If you were to buy a new computer or a car, you would probably do a little research first, right? Well, cars and computers last a few years, usually. Tattoos can last forever. You should exercise the same care and caution when looking for a tattoo artist. Go online and look through the portfolios of various tattoo artists, ask your friends who have tattoos or maybe visit a studio and watch tattoo artists at work. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

2) Use your friends. Friends with tattoos are an excellent resource. If they’ve had a terrific or particularly noteworthy experience with a particular tattoo artist, they will be happy to recommend them. The reverse is also true. If they’ve had an unpleasant, painful, or in any way negative experience, they can keep you from making the same mistake.

3) Scrutinize. You don’t have to be an amateur artist to draw the distinction between high and low quality art. Online portfolio or skin of a friend, when there is a tattoo in front of you, examine the quality. Don’t be convinced by the pretty pictures, look closely at the lines instead. A quality tattoo artist will draft lines that are smooth rather than jagged. Colors should be striking and completely filled in, without any obvious blank areas. If the tattoo looks like a pixilated video game character, it is not a high quality tattoo.

4) Take your time. Getting a tattoo is an adventure, and when you finally decide to bite the bullet, even a small wait can feel like forever. However, getting a tattoo is never something you want to rush into. You are more likely to get a tattoo that you will be happy with for the rest of your life if you take the time to find the tattoo artist that is best for you.