How to choose a tattoo parlor

If you have made up your mind to have a tattoo then your next step will be to choose a parlor that will suit your needs. Your choice here will have a great impact on the quality of your final tattoo, and your chance of developing an infection or other complication. You treat this step lightly at your own risk.

You will need to discover all you can about the reputation of any tattoo parlor that you are considering.  There are thousands of these types of operations in business and some really are better than others. The lower quality places are not only likely to give you a less than perfect piece of body art, but they are also more likely to give you an infection. One way of determining the quality of any potential parlor is the length of time that it has been in business; those that provide shoddy workmanship don’t tend to stay in business long so if a parlor has been around for a long time then take this as a good sign.

A tattoo parlor with a reputation for good hygiene practices is what you should be looking for. The importance of keeping equipment clean cannot be overstated. A look around their shop should give you an idea of their approach to hygiene, and you should also observe how they handle their equipment. Again a shop that has poor hygiene practice tends to develop a poor reputation so check this out by asking around. A license is often required in most countries for a parlor to be in business so check for this. The final word is that the cleanliness and hygiene practice of any parlor you choose will impact your risk of developing infections and other complications.

Any good tattoo parlor should welcome your business and treat you like a customer. You are doing them a favor by choosing them as your body artist and your business should not be viewed as a burden for them. It is important that the artists are polite and friendly and that they go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Having a tattoo can be an uncomfortable experience if you are having it done be people who make you feel uneasy. You don’t want an artist who is too pushy and tries to talk you into a more expensive piece of work that you don’t really want. You should expect your tattoo artist to express his opinions and offer his advice, but this should not be done in a forceful or manipulative way. The better tattoo artist may even suggest ways that you can save money. Luckily, the least friendly tattoo parlors don’t tend to stay in business for very long. If you do walk into a place and you don’t feel welcome or the artists seem too pushy then you should just turn around and leave.

When it comes to having a tattoo you have many options. You should take your time and not rush into choosing the first parlor that you walk into. Weigh up your options and pick what you feel is the highest quality shop that you can afford.  The best quality shops will likely cost a bit more, but this is well worth it. If the cheaper shop has reduced their prices through lowering their hygiene standards then you could end up paying a lot extra in health care bills and lost work hours. Don’t let price be your only factor in choosing a tattoo parlor. The more expensive parlors employ people to constantly spend their time keeping the shop clean; this is the place where you should be aiming to take your business.

The internet is a fine way to find out more information about the tattoo parlors available in your local area. Not only will you be able to find their contact details but hopefully also find out a bit about the parlors reputation. The phone book is also another good resource for finding tattoo parlors. Don’t judge a tattoos reputation only by what is said on the internet; go and look for yourself and see the actual condition of the parlor.