Examples of some of the current most popular tattoo designs

The most popular tattoo design in recent years has most likely been the tribal tattoo. Some of these date back thousands of years and they are still developing today. These tribal designs have become more and more complex over the years. The most usual color for this type of design is black and they tend to be used on the arms and legs. Recently more colorful tribal tattoos have caught people’s imaginations and are being put on every part of people’s bodies that you can think of.

More traditional tattoos are also making a comeback. The anchor was previously only associated with sailors but now people from all walks of life are choosing this tattoo. Males and females are now increasingly choosing to have tattoos featuring anchors or swans.

Women presently like to go for lower back tattoos; this is hardly surprising as this area is considered erotic and sensual. It is also a beautiful area for a design because the natural curves in that part of the body lead to some really creative designs. The tribal design is often chosen for this part of the anatomy along with dragons and flowers. It is now becoming fashionable for women to have a tribal tattoo which moves all the way to the base of their hips.

Dragon designs are another popular choice these days; they fell out of fashion for awhile, but they are now in vogue once again. Dragons come in all shapes and sizes; with the two most popular designs being the Chinese dragon and the more traditional one. Men like to have a dragon on their chest while women prefer the back. The male dragon tattoo is likely to cover only half the chest and part of the upper arm on the same side.

Celtic tattoos are not only popular with those who have a Celtic family background but also among those who like the symbolism and universal message associated with these designs. Some creative people like to mix Celtic and tribal tattoos together to forms something really special.

There are many more tattoos out there. There is sure to be something to suit every taste. You may decide to go with something truly unique and a talented tattoo artist will be able to help you achieve this.

Unique Tribal Designs

When it comes to tattoo deign there is an almost endless selection of possibilities to choose from. If you visit a popular tattoo parlor you will notice new designs being added on an almost daily basis; you will also see new arrivals all the time on the internet.

The continued popularity of tattoos means that design and innovation is of increasing importance. People do still like the more traditional designs such as dragons and flowers, but tribal tattoos are the most sought after. The really attractive thing about a tribal design is that they can be so unique and individual looking. It is possible to make these designs just using black or to really spice them up with a bit of color.

The other attraction about tribal designs is the fact that they can have different meanings and symbolize different things. You will be able to choose from a design that is already part of the tattoo artist collection or if a good quality tattooist will be able to work with you to arrive at a design which is more personal and individualized.

An experienced tattoo artist can work freehand and this allows for experimentation and the implementation of the customer’s ideas; this is the type of tattooist you are after if you want something unique. He will be able to make changes as she/he goes along and take your views on board.

The more popular tribal tattoos tend to include letters and skulls in their design. It is possible to have this type of tattoo anywhere on the body, but the most favored position is on the back or as a wrap around the arm.

Your tattoo can take many hours to complete depending on the complexity and size involved. It is not always possible to get it finished in one sitting and in some cases it may take many sittings to reach completion.

Celtic Tattoos

The history of the Celtic people goes back millennium. The original members of this tribe were well respected for their skills making beautiful and artistic objects such as jewelry and metal objects. They weren’t just arty types though; the Romans considered them fierce fighters.

If you visit Ireland you will find many examples of Celtic artwork such as the well-known Celtic cross. As the Celts moved through the generations until modern times they became associated with symbols along the way. It is popular for many people in North America to wear these symbols as a means of signifying to others that they are part of the Celtic race.

Although the symbols and the history of the Celtic people has been passed down from generation to generation there is not so much written history. One way that the Celtic tradition has been kept alive though, is through these Celtic tattoos; the Celtic cross is almost definitely the most popular of these Celtic tattoos.

Almost all Celtic tattoo designs can be traced directly back to Ireland where the Celtic tradition is most strongly remembered. Trinity College offers people a great opportunity to see many of these early designs through manuscripts like the Book of Kells. The most creative time for the Celts, in regards to tattooing, occurred during the time when metal and stone work was popular.

The Celtic Knot design is another popular choice; these are made up of loops, which seem to be without end, and are used to symbolize the life cycle of death and rebirth. There are also animal designs which are similar to the knot design; the difference here is that the knot ends in an animal’s head, tail, or foot. The genuine Celtic knot design is never-ending. The Celtic Knot design hides some very deep meaning that would be difficult to explain, but instead is known at a deeper level. The crossing of the notes refers to both the spiritual, and the physical world. These never-ending strands are a really popular design from which people abstract different meanings which are often very personal.

In recent years the Celtic design has been used for not only identification with that race, but also as an emotional expression. Irish, Welsh, and those from Scotland find in the Celtic design a way to express their pride with their heritage and as a mark of respect for their ancestors.

If you are considering having a Celtic design then you should realize that they can take a long time to produce. It can take anything up to five hours for one of these tattoos. This is due to the fact that they are probably one of the hardest designs to reproduce in the world.

If you are of Celtic decent, of even if you are not, and you want one of these tattoos then the first thing that you will need to do is find a reputable tattoo artist who is familiar with this type of work. The complexity of the design means that many artists can do them, and if you see the slightest hesitation or uncertainty then take your business elsewhere. Look for a tattoo parlor that has a good reputation for this type of design and look for a competent tattooist with an eye for detail.

Flower tattoos and the meaning behind them

It is becoming increasingly popular for women to get tattoos. This has led to an increase in the demand for flower designs. These tattoos based on flowers tend to be very colorful and eye-catching; there are so many flowers to choose from that these really can be interesting designs.

Different flowers can have different meanings; and flowers like the Lilly or

Rose can have very specific meanings. In most cases a flower tattoo is a good way to express a connection with nature, and this means that they are associated with life and energy. When you look at a flower you could view it as symbolizing life and growth. Flowers come from under the ground until the flower and bloom until they reach a stage where they wilt and die; a flower tattoo is a way to remember this process of death and rebirth. Not all flowers will be used to symbolize this process, but it is quite popular for it to do so.

As mentioned there are many meanings associated with flowers; white is viewed as representing purity while red is used to donate a burning passion. There are just as many flower designs available as there are flowers on the planet so you really are spoilt for choice.

The Rose is still the most common choice for flower tattoo and is used as a representation for love. A few centuries back it was common to put a rose tattoo on anybody who was sentenced to death. This was due to the fact that if they somehow managed to escape their meeting with hangman then this tattoo would be a way of identifying them. The rose is no longer associated with such grizzly business and instead now means love and passion. For many years now the rose is associated with romance and it is good to give the one you love roses occasionally.

In the East love and purity are not symbolized by the rose, but instead by the lotus flower. These lotus flowers are rich in symbolism such as; beauty, goodness, fortune, and peace. Roses are still the most popular choice for tattoo in North America, but the lotus tattoos are becoming increasingly popular around the rest of the world.

There are also other examples of flowers used to represent different things. The Acacia flower tattoo is used to symbolize love and friendship while a flower known as the ‘Bells of Ireland’ are popular with people of Irish decent; it is believed to be a symbol of good luck for many Irish people.

Anyone who likes the world to know that they are a skilled lover would do well to choose a tulip tattooed on their arm; this is because a tulip tattoo is believed to represent passionate love and prowess at love making. A person of a shyer disposition might prefer to choose a violet tattoo; these tell the world that you are reserved by nature and prefer to take things slowly. If you wish for the world to know about your great wisdom then you will want an Iris tattoo. If you love nature then perhaps you should have a Magnolia tattoo as this is generally considered to have this meaning.

Flower tattoos are likely to remain popular for many years to come. There are so many attractive designs with plenty of meanings that there is sure to be one to suit most individuals. The flower tattoos can come in all shape and sizes. When you pick a flower just take some time to consider what flower will best represent what you are about; that way it will sit comfortably on your body.