The Mushroom Tattoo

The mushrooms may not the first symbol that people think of whenever they think of body art. However mushroom tattoos are not just unique in an aesthetical sense. They are also full of meanings. Generally, they represent male virility. But in China they symbolize happiness and rebirth. In Mexico they indicate enlightenment and in some tribes of Africa they are viewed as an … [Read more...]

The Sleeve Tattoo

The sleeve tattoos are only for the professional tattoo enthusiast. Such designs are not just bold but also very visible whether you want to obtain a half-sleeve or a full sleeve. But if you want to hide your body art and it is considered not an issue, the sleeve tattoos may be amazing in a visual manner and will leave you room for symbolism. The most well-known sleeve … [Read more...]

The Diamond Tattoo

The diamond tattoos may represent many other things and each person who includes a diamond in their body art need to figure out a way on how the body art will be interpreted. But the diamonds are mostly known for as an endurance symbol and it has that quality of being unbreakable that is perceived as the feature of the personality of the wearer. The way the diamond is utilized … [Read more...]

The Chain Tattoo

In the general sense, the chain tattoos with its own specific meaning area freedom symbol if the chain is broken or signifies being bound up if the chain is unbroken. Most people who wore the chain tattoos often come from a confined situation but managed to liberate themselves. There are many chain tattoos that are utilized as armbands and always present solid and thick … [Read more...]

The Space Tattoo

The word space tattoos is a very general expression that covers the sky, stars and the spacecrafts floating above us. It is difficult to direct any symbolism if there is any. But the reason the people obtain these tattoos is simple. It is a fascination with the mysterious and beautiful world above our heads. One of the most ordinary space tattoo themes is science fiction. … [Read more...]

The Earth Tattoo

The earth is always viewed in many alternative or mainstream beliefs or religious or not, as an emblem of unity and wholeness. Nevertheless each of us bears the common connection with this specific planet. For some people, the earth is a motherhood symbol as it encompasses the bearer of life. While to others it is something that is overwhelming. Depending on your reasons, the … [Read more...]

The Peace Sign Tattoo

The peace sign may be viewed anywhere from posters, to key chains, to t-shirts, to key chains. The symbol’s meaning has stretched out over a period of time to signify various things other than the original peace symbol. It also became a symbol for anti-war and indicates a relation with the hippie culture. With all the appreciation and the received acclaim, it may be said that … [Read more...]

The Princess Tattoo

Generally the princess tattoos are very feminine that are made to describe how the tattoos wearers feel about themselves as demanding, noble and very charming. It may indicate fascination with the fantasy or real archetypes. The princess idea entails the image of the settings of majesty, the dramatic scenes, and rich colors. All of these lead to beautiful and bold body art … [Read more...]

The Mom Tattoo

There are mom tattoos that were around for a long time now. Such pieces bear a straightforward meaning which is the appreciation of one’s own mother. But having many styles and the years that such design was going around, it is ordinary for a person to have this tattoo strictly for its own purpose. It became an ordinary icon that is likely to continue to be an image in tattoo … [Read more...]

The Asian Tattoo

The Asian tattoos are the best known and the most wanted when it refers to body art in general. This is not at all shocking with all the rich art in terms of deep symbolism and history. The Japanese art is so far one of the most ordinary influences to body art. Some of the most regularly seen Japanese body art symbols are the koi fish which symbolizes the association between … [Read more...]