How to take care of a new tattoo

A competent tattoo artist will sterilize your tattoo with antiseptic cream as they go along. This is because experienced artists know that this will help your tattoo in a healthy condition. Once they are finished they will once again apply the cream and place a piece of sterile cloth or cellophane over the tattoo. The tattoo artist should then go on to explain to you the exact … [Read more...]

Tattoos on your tongue

All tattoos are rising in popularity, but the tongue tattoo seems to be the next big thing. Tongue tattoos are still not as popular as the more usual body tattoos they are gaining more fans by the day. Tongue tattoos use normal designs and styles, but they are applied to the tongue which is really just a muscle. You can get a tattoo that only covers a portion of your tongue … [Read more...]

How to pick a design that you will be proud to have on your body

A tattoo is a type of art that will allow you to express your identity. Some people pick a design that they later regret because it just didn’t mean that much to them. This is more likely to occur if your reason for choosing a tattoo is the fact that you think it looks nice. Most people who later regret a tattoo are those who put little thought into it. It is a costly to have a … [Read more...]

How to minimize the pain associated with getting a tattoo

No matter what you might hear to the contrary there is no real way of telling just how much pain you will feel during a tattoo application procedure. Your own mental approach can have a great impact on the experience; if you are positive it is likely to hurt far less. If you are fearful and anxious then the tension created in your body is likely to make the whole thing feel … [Read more...]

Reasons ‘for and against’ getting a tattoo

People with tattoos are now a common sight in most countries; so much so that seeing them on a person will rarely be the cause of much negative attention. The increasing popularity of tattoos means that they are now very much a fashion item and a source for admiration and envy. Tattoos are a way for people to express their individuality and some people cover their whole body in … [Read more...]

How much should your tattoo cost you?

A tattoo can be expensive; especially if you choose a large or complicated design. As mentioned in the previous chapter the more reputable parlors also charge a bit more, but this is an expense well worth accepting if it stops you from developing any complications and the work is of a higher standard. Hopefully, you will find a quality shop that is within your budget, but even … [Read more...]

How to choose a tattoo parlor

If you have made up your mind to have a tattoo then your next step will be to choose a parlor that will suit your needs. Your choice here will have a great impact on the quality of your final tattoo, and your chance of developing an infection or other complication. You treat this step lightly at your own risk. You will need to discover all you can about the reputation of any … [Read more...]

Getting a tattoo? Ideas to Consider…

Tattoos are an increasingly popular trend and these days it seems that half the population either has one or is thinking about getting one. It makes sense, tattoos are not only a powerful way for individuals to express themselves, they are also an excellent vehicle for attracting attention, developing an aura of mystery or simply creating a conversation starter. … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Tattoo Design that’s Right For You

Getting a tattoo is a permanent decision. Think about it, do you know anyone who has gotten a tattoo, only to wind up regretting their decision? More often than not, this is simply because the person getting the tattoo didn’t take the time necessary to truly consider the tattoo design that they were getting. Simply put, tattoos shouldn’t be an impulse purchase. … [Read more...]