The techniques used in the application of tattoos

As mentioned previously in this book, a tattoo is a decorative design that stays on your skin. This is usually done with the help of a tattoo gun these days as it makes the process faster and cheaper. The ink goes into your skin by needles puncturing the outer layer at great speed. Tattoo artists have a variety of different guns to choose from and each one has different pros … [Read more...]

Safety Issues in regards to tattoo work

When you have any tattoo work done it involves needles puncturing the outer layer of your skin many times a minute. These needles then inject ink into the third layer of your skin where the tattoo will remain for years to come. Due to the fact that the procedure involves breaking the skin there are certain safety issues which must be considered if complications are not to … [Read more...]

Reasons ‘for and against’ getting a tattoo

People with tattoos are now a common sight in most countries; so much so that seeing them on a person will rarely be the cause of much negative attention. The increasing popularity of tattoos means that they are now very much a fashion item and a source for admiration and envy. Tattoos are a way for people to express their individuality and some people cover their whole body in … [Read more...]

Tattoos Are Popular For a Reason

It seems that tattoos are getting trendier every year. These days, tattoos can be seen just about anywhere, from television commercials for dog food and country music videos, to the arms, chests, and smalls of the backs of the biggest Hollywood movie stars. Yes, it seems that everyone is sporting ink, and as tattoos become more and more mainstream, those people without tattoos … [Read more...]