Tattoos on your tongue

All tattoos are rising in popularity, but the tongue tattoo seems to be the next big thing. Tongue tattoos are still not as popular as the more usual body tattoos they are gaining more fans by the day. Tongue tattoos use normal designs and styles, but they are applied to the tongue which is really just a muscle. You can get a tattoo that only covers a portion of your tongue … [Read more...]

Tattoo designs that you can get for free

Nowadays free tattoo designs on the internet are becoming increasing popular. It is to this resource that people will now often first check for their ideas about designs.  The fact that these designs are free only adds to their attraction. It makes far more sense to select your own design from the internet rather than paying somebody else to do this for you. On the other … [Read more...]

Examples of some of the current most popular tattoo designs

The most popular tattoo design in recent years has most likely been the tribal tattoo. Some of these date back thousands of years and they are still developing today. These tribal designs have become more and more complex over the years. The most usual color for this type of design is black and they tend to be used on the arms and legs. Recently more colorful tribal tattoos … [Read more...]

Getting a tattoo? Ideas to Consider…

Tattoos are an increasingly popular trend and these days it seems that half the population either has one or is thinking about getting one. It makes sense, tattoos are not only a powerful way for individuals to express themselves, they are also an excellent vehicle for attracting attention, developing an aura of mystery or simply creating a conversation starter. … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Tattoo Design that’s Right For You

Getting a tattoo is a permanent decision. Think about it, do you know anyone who has gotten a tattoo, only to wind up regretting their decision? More often than not, this is simply because the person getting the tattoo didn’t take the time necessary to truly consider the tattoo design that they were getting. Simply put, tattoos shouldn’t be an impulse purchase. … [Read more...]