You Too Can Become a Tattoo Artist!

If you have ever dreamed about becoming a tattoo artist, there has never been a better time than now. The popularity of tattoos has been constantly rising for many years and those who decide to become a tattoo artist have immediate potential for a surprisingly high income. However, the competition is fierce. If you seriously want to become a tattoo artist, you must understand you will be competing in a highly competitive business and success will not be easy.

Here’s what you need to become a tattoo artist.

Natural talent. Can you draw well? You’ll need artistic talent in order to become a tattoo artist. You will also need to be able to deal with a lot of different personalities from the hardcore biker and gangster types to giddy young women looking to get their first tattoo.

Practice. You have the talent, but talent is nothing without discipline and practice. Take art classes, learn various tattooing techniques from books and do everything you can to learn the craft. This is the most important step if you want to become a tattoo artist.

Create a resume. Just like any other job, build a resume for potential future employers or tattoo artist who accepts you as an apprentice (more on that later). List your work and your art experience and anything else which makes you stand out and appear serious about your career choice.

Build your portfolio. Consider this Part Two of your resume. Every good artist needs a portfolio to showcase their work. Tattoo artists are no different. If you want to become a tattoo artist, start collecting sample of your art and if you are already tattoing, collect photos of your work to include in the portfolio.

Become an apprentice. Find someone who has already become a tattoo artist who is also willing to help you. Once you’re an apprentice you will learn many new things from your teacher, though most of these lessons will have little to do with the drawing. You’ll learn how to care for, clean, and operate your equipment, how to protect yourself and your clients from disease, and most importantly – if you want to become a tattoo artist – how to correctly apply the tattoo.

An apprenticeship can take many months to years. Once you’ve learned all you can, you are now ready to become a tattoo artist. You can work independently and open your own shop or oftentimes, work in the shop where you learned your trade and have built up a clientele.

Once you become a tattoo artist, a world of possibilities will open for you.

Remember, you will never know it all, even once you become a tattoo artist. There will always be more to learn, new techniques to adopt and fresh ways to enhance your methods. Never allow yourself to be satisfied with mediocrity. Never allow yourself to become an egomaniac and always know that even though you have become a tattoo artist, the learning process never stops.