The Buddha Tattoo

Buddha’s image or his other representations is always intended to convey an interest or faith in Buddhism. The Buddha is considered by many people as an enlightenment symbol and an emblem of the strength of character and will and even an inner peace we are all working for. Due to these reasons, Buddha tattoos became popular. There are many people who like Buddha tattoos that … [Read more...]

The Geisha Tattoo

The geisha may be translated into an artist and the geishas are viewed as the most graceful, exotic, sensual and talented artists worldwide. Even if they are considered as one of the outstanding symbols, the geisha tattoos may be one of the well-known influenced Asian pieces in body art. There are many people who prefer to make use of geisha tattoos that employ the whole … [Read more...]

The Urban Tattoo

The urban tattoos are more of the aesthetic style and not a great number of the body art. But more choices are given when filling in the utmost details of such extraordinary style which will be able to help you in relating your own story. Urban tattoos merely reproduce images that are viewed on streets or in art or on cars. For example the urban tattoos present the script in … [Read more...]

The Crown Tattoo

The crowns as well as the crown tattoos signify the superiority symbols together with power and regality. These are some of the basic ideas but many people merely allocate their own meaning to these symbols. Some like items that are cute while still others prefer a serious meaning about it. There are many people who prefer to make their own crown tattoos to be the main … [Read more...]

The Compass Tattoo

The compass tattoos are much like other symbols of maritime like the swallows or the nautical star and were always a navigating symbol whenever you are in the rough seas. At present, it is a navigating symbol through existence or simply it is a talisman to assist in looking a way through it. The compass rose is one of the regularly viewed compass tattoos. Such elegant figure … [Read more...]

The Jellyfish Tattoo

The jellyfish tattoos are regularly viewed as an emblem of grace, calm and generally known as the “going with the flow” of life. They are always utilized by the people with such sea fascination or with empathy for all the interesting items that are dwelling in life. There are many people who like to form jellyfish tattoos with all the given extraordinary appearance of this … [Read more...]

The Leaf Tattoo

The leaf tattoos contain many meanings. But one meaning that is sure fit for this symbol is that the leaves are an emblem for life. They form oxygen and energy and are a source of food to many forms of life. They also protect the earth from such awkward elements. Depending on the type of leaf and the way you select to portray them, you may as well add this important connotation … [Read more...]

The Cobra Tattoo

Generally, the cobra tattoos are intended to specify both the danger and the sensuality as the snakes and also the deadly varieties are the emblem of a temptation. But in the Eastern world, the cobras are regarded as a power symbol and their appearance at your door is considered to be a good sign. Cobras in the end will be converted into becoming divine beings. There are … [Read more...]

The Thorn Tattoo

The thorns bear many meanings that are depending on where you are likely to see them. If the thorns are placed on a rose, utmost beauty may be indicated but is never touched. If the thorns are placed upon a cross, they bear religious significance. They are an emblem of self preservation, self defense and complete protection from those people who may hurt us. People may likely … [Read more...]

The Pink Ribbon Tattoo

The pink ribbon represents the awareness of breast cancer. But the basis a person may get pink ribbon tattoos are plenty. People who wear the pink ribbon are those who have the disease or fighting it or even the loved ones of those with breast cancer or those who value their time to look for a cure for the disease. Most of the pink ribbon tattoos are quite simple and present … [Read more...]